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      What is Awakening?

The Divine Feminine Perspective is

sweeping the world. We are in the

midst of a spiritual renaissance as

never seen before. Many are feeling

the call to awaken in order to shift

the planet from patriarchal hierarchy

to re-creation. 


Awakening is a spiritual and personal

unfolding process. When we awaken,                                                                                                                Ganna Gavenko

we become aware of ourselves as souls seeking expression in a body. Awakening is a journey. We never “get there.” Like a lotus flower opening its petals, we open our consciousness to possibility. Like a snake shedding its old skin, we let go of beliefs and patterns which inhibit our growth and embrace our expanding awareness of a benevolent, supportive universe. We become aware of how we have clung to old beliefs and thought patterns which no longer serve us . We choose to open ourselves and allow the Divine to flow through us. We realize that we are not alone, nor have we ever been.


As we open our hearts and minds, spirit guides and deities may reveal themselves to us. They let us know that we have infinite support and encouragement if we will only listen. To awaken is to open to our Inner Wisdom and to comprehend that we are at one with all things. It is a process of great healing. It is the unveiling of our unique gifts and our spiritual purpose in this life.


Some signs that you are awakening are: 

Noticing synchronicities such as hearing of the same book or show from different people in                a short period of time

Experiencing deja vu more frequently

Seeing patterns in nature such as faces in the bark of trees

Questioning things you always took for granted as true

Becoming aware of unhealthy patterns in relationships with yourself and others

Feeling drawn to spiritual practices such as tarot and alternative healing modalities


Is the Wind of Spirit is calling you back to Yourself?

Does your Essence long to express itself and expand? 

 Can you feel the call? The call to remember Who You Are? 

The process can seem confusing and frightening because we are entering the unknown. We need to let go of old ways of coping to be reborn. 

As an Awakening Doula, I and members of our group, are here to support you daily in the most important journey of your life. We meet online for 8 one hour twenty minute sessions. you will also be encouraged to check in daily with me and other group members in a private online environment. We will use the acronym SACRED to usher you gently through your rebirthing process. 


Learn more about our Awakening group here. 





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